Complete Security Solution with Face Recognition System

In the era of global security threats, we found atmosphere with full of risk both internally and externally. Every organization or individual wants to improve their existing security system. Most of the people need better security system which gives complete security solution.

Face recognition technology is the slightest disturbing and best biometric technology. It works with the most obvious individual identifier – the human face. Face recognition-system analysis the characteristics of a person’s face images input through a digital video camera. Base on the input image, system measures the overall face structure, including distances between eyes, nose, mouth and chicks. With the use of these unique characteristics face recognition-system store face template into its database.

There are many companies in market who offer face recognition-system with unique features which gives you complete security solution. These types of systems can easily customize with any devices or system. So you can use latest technology for enhancement of your existing system.

Below are the some major applications for face recognition technology can be customizable.

Time Attendance System or HRMS system

Now a day many companies having fingerprint or show card based time attendance- technology. These types of system having so many drawbacks and hassles involves for keeping accurate data. Here face recognition system give uniqueness and technological advantage and help to keep each employee data accurately and precise manner. In Face recognition-technology, you’ve to just enroll employee face and one unique id will be generated by system. Every time when employee comes to office or goes out of office its time is recoded by system by matching face and also payroll will be calculated.

Visitor Management System

For any organization effective visitor management help you to keep safe your area from intrusion. Conventional pen and paper based visitor management system cannot give complete security solution. Face recognition based visitor management gives you full proof security solution by identified each visitor by face. You just set up this system on your main entrance with high resolution camera. So each new face is identified by system and one visitor id will generate and this also gives facility of printing each visitor identity card.

Access Control System

In today’s world, everyone needs to secure their private area from external intrusion by restricting area with access control technology. Face recognition based Biometric access control system gives full proof security solution. By using human face this access control system help us to secure our private area.

There are many more applications customize with face recognition technology. You can avail to take face recognition system for many security systems.


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