Face Recognition – An Identification Technique

Biometrics parameters like face, eye cornea, fingerprints or many other parts of human body are used for identification purpose in many security systems or agencies. These biometrics parameters for each and every person have own unique properties. Among which, a face is a unique and most visible part of human body, which works as a first distinguishing factor for all human being because many  study evaluated that human face having  specific differentiable points or features. On the bases of this unique property of the face, science develops a security system or a guarding system, in which the face recognized as a password to open or decode those security systems. This system called as Face identification technique.

Face recognition technique involves a scanning of the face, analyzing and try to find out matching face through biometric parameters which are already loaded in the security systems. In this technique the facial features which are going to be recognized are might be depthless of eye sockets, width of the nose, distances between the eyes, shape of the face and cheekbones, jaw lines and other features.  Some software specifically designed for the face recognition and is used as face diagnostic and identifying application. The face identification parameters depend on the software and particular need of the face recognition system.

There a plenty of uses for each and every identification techniques and among them, the finger print recognition is the oldest one. But now days a face identification technique and eye cornea recognition are better techniques compared to the previous one. The face recognition technique uses a password system in many laptops or computerized systems. Also it’s a good technique for particular person detection from the crowd at public places like, airports, Railway stations, malls, prisons, schools, parties, etc.

Face identification technology was sought to identifying suspected persons in airports, bus and train stations using cameras. Face recognition system are now becoming more and more popular security systems among many field.

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