Face Detection for Identity Verification Is Better than the Rest in the market

Biometrics has captured the world with a storm! Enhanced security is a promise with this technology. You may forget the conventional means of security. No need to employ human beings for identity verification. It can be done by this system. Digital world requires everything to get mechanized. Biometric face recognition is one such appliance. Adoption of this technology in day-to-day life is progressive.

It cannot be denied that there is competition to it. Biometric face recognition is not the only technology available in the market. Fingerprint examination, iris scan, voice recognition, and palm reading can also be used for authentication of an individual’s identity. Out of them all, face detection is acknowledged to be the most superior. No doubt, other technologies are good for the same purpose. However, all of them have some or the other deficiencies. Fingerprint reader can be cheated with the help of latex fingers. Besides, if the user’s fingers are wet or dirty, it may refuse to recognize the individual. Voice recognition may falsely accept or reject a transaction on account of sore throat. People may be reluctant to let their iris be scanned. It may expose certain diseases that individuals may wish to keep private.

Face detection is a comparatively reliable and acceptable means. Users may get themselves enrolled foremost. Next time onwards, they can simply look before the camera. If their face matches one of the faces stored in the database, their identity will be confirmed and access will be granted. No technology is foolproof! Biometric face recognition has its own disadvantages. Still, you can bank upon this device. It won’t let you fall even if your eyes are closed!

Source: Face Detection & Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control

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