Forget the Conventional Lock and Key and Shift to Biometric Access Control

Are you among the people who lock your door with a hard metal lock and carry the key with you? You constantly worry whether it is still with you or not! If a legitimate element wants to enter the premise, they will have to wait until you return. Hassles involved in this traditional door lock system are immense. Let me give you a better idea. Try a biometric access control powered by face recognition software! It is a doubly shielding, doubly secure, and much more advanced application. Its use is sure to make you forget the conventional lock and key.

If you were under the impression that this apparatus is a thing of science fiction movies, you are wrong! Its use is not even limited to high profile Government offices. You may easily come across a biometric access control in commercial complexes, schools, hospitals, etc. Today, anybody can install it and restrict the entrance of unwanted individuals to a premise. Simply enroll the faces of individuals that you wish should be able to access your premise. Next time onwards, they may only show their faces and the door will automatically open for them. No need to guard the key or keep people waiting till you return.

Most promising manner to secure your premises is the use of face recognition software. It is difficult to hack a device using this technology. No two people have exactly the same faces. Not even identical twins! Do not waste anymore time thinking whether this apparatus is useful to you or not. If you have a premise and if its safety bothers you, you are in need of a biometric access control. Even if it costs you high initially, it’s worth your money. It is quite an investment!

Source: Biometric Access Control, Face Recognition Software


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