Role of Biometric Visitor Management in Your Organization.

We are living in 21st century and in our country people are using password and fingerprint security system as safety solutions for their building premises. But beyond these old techniques many new technologies have been introduced as far as safety and security of the premises is concern. The face recognition system is one of the latest ways to secure your building. This can work in any area that avoids sunlight. This will work in such a way that visitor has to look into the camera which will create a facial pattern. The facial parameters of every individual visitor should be fitted into this system. The new pattern of visitor will crosscheck the existing pattern, only after then it will permit the entry of that visitor.Image


In this system the software will detect and verify the face of every visitor. This is no human touch technology system. There are many face recognitions security solutions are available in the market. One of them is biometric visitor management system for managing a large of visitors in the premises. In this system you can manage multiple visitors to enter inside the building. You can set pre appointments of visitors with date, day and time. You can also insert the material carried by the visitor as security check is must in terms of safety. You can generate visitors pass for individual or multiple visitors as their identity proof.

One of the important features is that this system will confirm the appointments of visitors by popup in the host desktop screen. It will also remind the pending works, rejection and confirmation of appointments via notifications. You can set the maximum time alert of particular visitor. At that time, alert message will be sent through SMS or email to the security in charge. Head count is another important feature of this system. The admin department of your company can keep watch on visitors of all departments. Therefore such types of security solutions are simple and safe for your premises.


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