Distinct Stages of Face Recognition System

For successfully running an organization, it is vital for every businessman to provide safe place to its employees. In today’s modern era, you will find many anti social activities that might disturb your employees to concentrate on their tasks. Thus, being the owner of the business, it is necessary for you to install sufficient security measures that help your workers to do their job freely. Safe premises definitely increase the possibilities of productivity and development. One of the best means that are widely used for securing the premises is biometric face recognition. It is an advanced system that works with the biometric development of human face.

The system works on this principle that every face is different and so its structure is also different. Not even twins have same facial structures. The system can record the facial details of an individual and save it as templates. Then the system can identify all the templates automatically when they appear next time. It is having a very user friendly operating system that even an unskilled person can understand. The operating system of this technology can be classified in two different stages i.e. registration and verification which are described as under.

  • Registration: It is necessary for the user to register the identity of every new user in the face recognition solution. The system is containing different applications which are used to enter different identities of different persons or employees. The camera of the system allows you to capture the structure of an individual from different angles. It also captures 80 to 90 distinct nodal points of the face and provides a code which will become the identity of the face. All these information including the structure of the face, nodal points and facial templates are permanently stored in the database of the system.
  • Verification: The second stage is the verification stage. After storing the templates of a specific individual face, the system will recognize them whenever they appear before the camera of the system. The system analyzes the facial details and compares them to already stored templates in its database. If it finds the template matching with its record, then it will verify the identity of the person otherwise it denies and the user needs to register the face as described above.

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