Major Advantages of Face Recognition Access Control System

Facial recognition system is the booming word in today’s IT security solution industry. It is designed to cope up with different sorts of IT security problems like unwanted access, theft, hacking and many other anti social activities. The system is based on advanced technology that inspects all the facial parameters of a person including eyes, nose, jaw line, check bone etc. Day by day, the usage of this technology is increasing only because of its advanced algorithms of detecting identity of every person. This technology is also compatible with other security systems like access control, time attendance and visitor management.

Prevents Unwanted Access: face recognition access control system is developed only to prevent unwanted access of a primitive area of an organization. With the increasing anti social activities, it is essential for every organization to secure their premise from theft, spoofing and hacking. And this can be done by using the most accurate and highly reliable security solution called face recognition.

Provides Continuous High Security: the system is merged with latest face identification technique, which provides high level of security at the primitive area.  It captures major facial patterns of human face which will remain invariable with the changing time. Whenever that person visits the premise, it automatically detects the identity of that person and allows him to enter into the premise.

Highly Advanced Algorithm: the system works by analyzing natural facial parameters of a person. Thus, with its highly advanced algorithm, it is nearly impossible for a person to enter into the premise without verification.

Cost of Maintenance: it is a onetime investment for the company. It’s no human touch technology increases the life span of the system, which ultimately maintains the cost of administration. Moreover, the system is very easy to upgrade and the users can also upgrade the latest version of the software available for the system. And this helps the users to find all the requirements of advanced technology with user friendly applications.


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