Fields Widely Use Biometric Face Recognition

Biometric face recognition is now a common security system for various organizations. The system works on the principles of biometric that calculate the statistics of various facial features of a person.  After calculating the statistics of different facial parameters, it provides a unique code which serves as the identity of that person. . It is widely used to protect the organizations with its different variations namely time attendance, visitor management and access control. There are many organizations that are completely dependent on the functions of face detection system. The productivity, efficiency, growth and development are mostly depending on the effectiveness and accuracy of this system. Thus, it is playing a vital role in the overall success of millions of organizations throughout the world.

Corporate organizations: for controlling unwanted access of their primitive areas, thousands of corporate organizations rely upon face detection system. It provides them full control for accessing their secret area, which ultimately results in the success of the company. The company can block the entry of any person who is considered for any theft or suspicious activity.

Large Scale Industries: large scale industries that want to track the efficiency of their employees need time attendance software which is also compatible with face recognition. With the help of face recognition, any employee cannot cheat the system by taking unnecessary leaves. This technology completely replaced the traditional pen and paper method of noting down the time and attendance of every employee. It provides accurate data to the company which reflects the utmost punctuality and efficiency of each employee working in the unit.

Government Sectors: majority of the government sectors are facing a large number of visitors on regular basis. It is vital for every government organizations to record the entry with name, time, name of concern person and many other important details. And only face detection system is the only system which captures the face at the maximum speed of 100,000 faces per second. Thus, biometric face recognition makes the task very simple for many government organizations to control large number of visitors regularly.


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