Difference between Manual Systems over Biometric Visitor Management System

For better security and safety of your premises choose a system which provides high accuracy, safety and efficiency. Earlier, people were relying on manual data entry of visitors by using pen-paper and log books. But scrawling in the sheet of paper isn’t it safe? The answer is no, anyone can bluff with those sheets of paper by changing or removing the entry or exit time. In this case, there is always problem a problem of storage space where number of log books were stored. Thus, biometric face recognition system is the one which resolves all your problems by providing innumerable features. It includes many applications such as biometric access control system which helps in preventing the access of sensitive area from unauthorized persons, biometric time attendance system which helps in keeping a record of presence, absence, leaves, along with other details of company’s employees. And biometric visitor management system which helps in tracking the entry and exit of authorized visitors visit to the premises and also helps in restricting unwanted visitors.

Visitor management system captures the facial features of individual visitor at first visit and stored electronically in the database of computer. When the respected visitor again visits to the premises, then he has to scan his facial patterns for correct identification. The system initiates the matching process between the real and stored image. If it finds match, then it grants the authentication to enter into the premises. This whole process can be done in few seconds as the system has the fastest scanning and detecting speed. Here, there is no issue regarding to the storage of data as large number of data can be stored in just small and simple device. It does not require additional hardware or software. It works based on computer application so there is no chance of data loss. It is having an intelligent and smart technology thus; it becomes very much difficult to cheat with this application. Therefore, visitor management system provides you much better security and safety at your premises than the manual system.


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