How to Enhance the Security Level with Face Detection System

Nowadays, biometric products of security are considered to be the most efficient and effective way to secure your home and business as well. Biometric is in existence since 500 BC. But, with the increase in science and technology it has become more advanced and provides 100% safety assurance. Biometric face recognition includes access control system, time attendance system, visitor management system, and many more applications. It is based on non human touch technology this means that one do not has to touch the device in terms of data entry or verification. This system relies on algorithms for identification. It is specially used in surveillance for security purposes. With the help of scientific inventions wanted criminals, suspected terrorist and missing people can be easily detected. Face detection system is used for public security in airports, hospitals, schools, and many other places where large number of people visits to the premises. It is specially used in hi-fi government offices in terms of keeping the sensitive data safe and it is also installed in corporate sectors to prevent their private data from rival companies.


It works by capturing the facial features of individual person. He or she has to first appear in front of camera which is already attached with the device. This camera captures and stored the facial features with other details of person into the database of computer. When the respected person again visits to the premises, then he or she has to again appear in front of camera for verification purpose. The system starts the matching process between the real image and stored one. If it finds match, then it grants the authentication otherwise denies. It serves the purpose of full security solution. Hence, it enhances the security level at your premises and also serves the purpose of keeping your building safe from criminals.


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