Advantages of Face Recognition Solution

In 21st century, everyone is much concern about their safety and security. This is true for personal to any size of organization. Nowadays, face recognition solution becomes very much popular and eye catchy topic all over the world in terms giving best security solution. Many organizations have been using this latest technology, but some of the organizations are still rely on manual systems for keep tracking their visitors and clients, attendance of their employees, etc. These types of conventional systems have lot of disadvantages like lack of accuracy, time consuming and then also not giving us complete security and safety.  


Many organizations used to prefer biometric security solutions like various types of fingerprint readers, show-card devices, face recognition system and many more. All other biometric security solutions having many hassles and disadvantages like fingerprint readers involves buddy punching etc. But, face recognition is the one which does not include any disadvantage compare to all biometric systems. It is computer based technology that determines the facial patterns of individual. It has innumerable advantages and some of them are listed below.

  • It is the most accurate and error free security solution. Thus, cheating and bluffing is not an issue.
  • It can be installed inside or outside the building and it works in any environmental condition.
  • It provides faster face detection speed as normally it can scan 8, 00,000 faces per second.
  • It is very much trustworthy and reliable system than manual process.
  • Easy to installed and most important thing is very much cost effective method because it has low installation and maintenance charges.
  • Huge amount of data can be stored in it. Thus, storage is not a problem.
  • It includes rare chances of error as it is based on fully automatic computer system.

Therefore, these are some of the advantages which provide you the information regarding this system. So, hurry up to install such security solutions which makes you feel safe and relax from any threat or crime.



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