Biometric Visitor Management System- Simple and Safe for your Premises

Almost all organizations in this world believe in tracking the entry and exit of their visitors. They want their premises safe from threats, crime and danger. Thus, many organizations have adopted the biometric visitor management system in order to keep the track of visitors visit to the premises. It is one of the best security solutions to restrict the unauthorized visitors entering in the premises. This is not enough for those companies who have many competitors. It might be happen that your rival company sends a spy to keep an eye on your sensitive data and collect information regarding to the secrets of your product or your important papers.Biometrics face recognition system is based on no human touch technology.

In this system the software will detect and verify the face of every visitor. You can set interviews or appointments of particular visitor with date, day and time. You can also insert the material carried by the visitor as security check is must in terms of safety. One of the important features is that this system will confirm the appointments of visitors which will pop up in the desktop screen of the host, HR department or admin department of the organization. It will also remind the pending works, rejection and confirmation of appointments through notifications to the host. You can set the maximum time alert of particular visitor. At that time, alert message will be sent through SMS or email to the security in charge. It has another excellent feature of including the name of unwanted person as blacklisted visitor. In this feature, you can also set the lowest and highest priority on their names. This means that on low priority, message or email send to the security in-charge or host on the arrival of that visitor. While on high priority, an alarm sounds. So that strict actions take place. Therefore such types of security solutions are simple and safe for your premises.


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