Verification Modes of Face Detection System

Nowadays every organization needs full security system in the world to secure their premises from any kind of threat and danger. For this, a high tech security system called face detection system is necessary to install. These systems are generally used in airport, educational institutes, railway stations, government offices and many more areas to make their premises safe from terrorist attack or any other threat. It offers high accuracy and better security than all other biometric system.

If you want to install biometric face recognition system in your premises, then you need to check its identification capabilities. It consists of 1-to-1 matching mode which is verification mode and 1-to-many face matching mode which is identification mode. Therefore choose such system that may function efficiently in both identification as well as verification mode.

In verification mode the facial features are captured and stored in the database of computer. When the face again appears in front of camera, it is matched with the stored one. If the system finds match, then identify of that person is detect.

In identification mode many facial features are stored in the visitor management system in advanced. When the face appears in front of camera, this application initiates the matching process between the real image and the stored one. If it finds the similarity between both the images, then the face detection process is completed. For example if large number of visitors visits daily to any government office. There is always a threat of terrorist attack. Thus, the database contains the identification of daily visitors, details of visitors, mafia and other anti social elements already stored in advance. If the software found the facial features which are similar to any threaten person, then it is necessary to take the strict actions by the security in charge of that premises. Furthermore it is an effective tool in terms of safety and security. It is trustworthy and any organization can completely rely on this system.


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