Advantages of Face Recognition Solution

In 21st century, everyone is much concern about their safety and security. This is true for personal to any size of organization. Nowadays, face recognition solution becomes very much popular and eye catchy topic all over the world in terms giving best security solution. Many organizations have been using this latest technology, but some of the organizations are still rely on manual systems for keep tracking their visitors and clients, attendance of their employees, etc. These types of conventional systems have lot of disadvantages like lack of accuracy, time consuming and then also not giving us complete security and safety.  


Many organizations used to prefer biometric security solutions like various types of fingerprint readers, show-card devices, face recognition system and many more. All other biometric security solutions having many hassles and disadvantages like fingerprint readers involves buddy punching etc. But, face recognition is the one which does not include any disadvantage compare to all biometric systems. It is computer based technology that determines the facial patterns of individual. It has innumerable advantages and some of them are listed below.

  • It is the most accurate and error free security solution. Thus, cheating and bluffing is not an issue.
  • It can be installed inside or outside the building and it works in any environmental condition.
  • It provides faster face detection speed as normally it can scan 8, 00,000 faces per second.
  • It is very much trustworthy and reliable system than manual process.
  • Easy to installed and most important thing is very much cost effective method because it has low installation and maintenance charges.
  • Huge amount of data can be stored in it. Thus, storage is not a problem.
  • It includes rare chances of error as it is based on fully automatic computer system.

Therefore, these are some of the advantages which provide you the information regarding this system. So, hurry up to install such security solutions which makes you feel safe and relax from any threat or crime.



How to Enhance the Security Level with Face Detection System

Nowadays, biometric products of security are considered to be the most efficient and effective way to secure your home and business as well. Biometric is in existence since 500 BC. But, with the increase in science and technology it has become more advanced and provides 100% safety assurance. Biometric face recognition includes access control system, time attendance system, visitor management system, and many more applications. It is based on non human touch technology this means that one do not has to touch the device in terms of data entry or verification. This system relies on algorithms for identification. It is specially used in surveillance for security purposes. With the help of scientific inventions wanted criminals, suspected terrorist and missing people can be easily detected. Face detection system is used for public security in airports, hospitals, schools, and many other places where large number of people visits to the premises. It is specially used in hi-fi government offices in terms of keeping the sensitive data safe and it is also installed in corporate sectors to prevent their private data from rival companies.


It works by capturing the facial features of individual person. He or she has to first appear in front of camera which is already attached with the device. This camera captures and stored the facial features with other details of person into the database of computer. When the respected person again visits to the premises, then he or she has to again appear in front of camera for verification purpose. The system starts the matching process between the real image and stored one. If it finds match, then it grants the authentication otherwise denies. It serves the purpose of full security solution. Hence, it enhances the security level at your premises and also serves the purpose of keeping your building safe from criminals.

Difference between Manual Systems over Biometric Visitor Management System

For better security and safety of your premises choose a system which provides high accuracy, safety and efficiency. Earlier, people were relying on manual data entry of visitors by using pen-paper and log books. But scrawling in the sheet of paper isn’t it safe? The answer is no, anyone can bluff with those sheets of paper by changing or removing the entry or exit time. In this case, there is always problem a problem of storage space where number of log books were stored. Thus, biometric face recognition system is the one which resolves all your problems by providing innumerable features. It includes many applications such as biometric access control system which helps in preventing the access of sensitive area from unauthorized persons, biometric time attendance system which helps in keeping a record of presence, absence, leaves, along with other details of company’s employees. And biometric visitor management system which helps in tracking the entry and exit of authorized visitors visit to the premises and also helps in restricting unwanted visitors.

Visitor management system captures the facial features of individual visitor at first visit and stored electronically in the database of computer. When the respected visitor again visits to the premises, then he has to scan his facial patterns for correct identification. The system initiates the matching process between the real and stored image. If it finds match, then it grants the authentication to enter into the premises. This whole process can be done in few seconds as the system has the fastest scanning and detecting speed. Here, there is no issue regarding to the storage of data as large number of data can be stored in just small and simple device. It does not require additional hardware or software. It works based on computer application so there is no chance of data loss. It is having an intelligent and smart technology thus; it becomes very much difficult to cheat with this application. Therefore, visitor management system provides you much better security and safety at your premises than the manual system.

Searching For Best Security Solution? Switch to Biometric Face Recognition System

Day by day with rapid advancement of technology, the security level becomes more and more complex. Nowadays in spite of having security systems, you are still facing threats as well as internal and external problems. As per such circumstances people are still worried about safety of their home and business. Biometric face recognition system is an ultimate source of security solution which provides better safety, high accuracy and efficiency. It is an advanced application and high end security solutions that can assist you in securing your assets. Numerous organizations have been developed in this world and they have different equipment to make sure of their safety. Still many companies are using manual system and this kind of traditional system has number of disadvantages like not enough storage, accuracy, most time consuming and does not provide the total safety. Many organizations are using biometric system such as finger print readers, show card device, face acknowledgement system and many more. Apart from biometric face recognition system, all other applications have many problems and disadvantages.

Face recognition system is the key solution to this problem and gives an entire security solution compare to all other biometric systems. Face recognition is a computer based technology which determines the locations and also size of human being faces in digital images. Utilize your own face as being a unique identifier to recognize and control which gives the most accurate and trouble free safety solution. It is considered to be the revolutionary invention in the field of technical safety which eliminates the need for a username and password, buddy punching and many other things. This application is widely used in high profile government offices and corporate buildings to keep the access of sensitive data safe, it is used in public places where huge crowd gathered like airport, railway stations, etc. in terms of keeping the area safe from crime or terrorist, it is also used in schools and educational sectors to keep a track of time and attendance. Therefore, it helps in securing your building as well as sensitive entrance and better solutions for end users.

Five Benefits of Visitor Management System

One of the best security solutions that are getting increasing trend these days is biometrics face recognition system. With its interesting features, highly reliable technology and advanced devices make it the most popular security solution for various organizations like banks, airports, large scale industries, government and corporate sectors. Now, this solution is compatible with different systems including time attendance, visitor management and access control. Those companies who want to protect their premise from unwanted visitors or who want to track a large number of visitors must need to equip biometric visitor management system. Here, we are describing top 5 advantages that you will receive after installing biometric visitor management system at your premise.

Reliable technology: it is considered as the most reliable technology amongst all biometric security solutions. It works on highly accurate and advanced algorithms which automatically detects the facial parameters of every person. It is nearly impossible for the person to hack the system by using different playful objects. The system is getting more and more advanced owing to its latest face detection technology which perfectly identifies the facial parameters of a person.

User friendly system: apart from its high technology, it is also having various user friendly applications which provide customized the system in accord with the specific requirements of the company. By using different application the users can block the entry of any unwanted visitor, make appointments, confirm appointments, set alerts and can utilize many other interesting features.

High speed scanning:  due to its latest technology, it can scan up to 100,000 faces per second which saves lot of time for visitors as well as for the company.

Accuracy: it captures all the facial parameters of a person with utmost accuracy. It is a no human touch as well as error free technology, which further increase the level of accuracy of the device.

Widely Acceptance: with its innovative uses and vast advantages, it is considered as the most popular and widely acceptance technology across the world.

Fields Widely Use Biometric Face Recognition

Biometric face recognition is now a common security system for various organizations. The system works on the principles of biometric that calculate the statistics of various facial features of a person.  After calculating the statistics of different facial parameters, it provides a unique code which serves as the identity of that person. . It is widely used to protect the organizations with its different variations namely time attendance, visitor management and access control. There are many organizations that are completely dependent on the functions of face detection system. The productivity, efficiency, growth and development are mostly depending on the effectiveness and accuracy of this system. Thus, it is playing a vital role in the overall success of millions of organizations throughout the world.

Corporate organizations: for controlling unwanted access of their primitive areas, thousands of corporate organizations rely upon face detection system. It provides them full control for accessing their secret area, which ultimately results in the success of the company. The company can block the entry of any person who is considered for any theft or suspicious activity.

Large Scale Industries: large scale industries that want to track the efficiency of their employees need time attendance software which is also compatible with face recognition. With the help of face recognition, any employee cannot cheat the system by taking unnecessary leaves. This technology completely replaced the traditional pen and paper method of noting down the time and attendance of every employee. It provides accurate data to the company which reflects the utmost punctuality and efficiency of each employee working in the unit.

Government Sectors: majority of the government sectors are facing a large number of visitors on regular basis. It is vital for every government organizations to record the entry with name, time, name of concern person and many other important details. And only face detection system is the only system which captures the face at the maximum speed of 100,000 faces per second. Thus, biometric face recognition makes the task very simple for many government organizations to control large number of visitors regularly.

Major Advantages of Face Recognition Access Control System

Facial recognition system is the booming word in today’s IT security solution industry. It is designed to cope up with different sorts of IT security problems like unwanted access, theft, hacking and many other anti social activities. The system is based on advanced technology that inspects all the facial parameters of a person including eyes, nose, jaw line, check bone etc. Day by day, the usage of this technology is increasing only because of its advanced algorithms of detecting identity of every person. This technology is also compatible with other security systems like access control, time attendance and visitor management.

Prevents Unwanted Access: face recognition access control system is developed only to prevent unwanted access of a primitive area of an organization. With the increasing anti social activities, it is essential for every organization to secure their premise from theft, spoofing and hacking. And this can be done by using the most accurate and highly reliable security solution called face recognition.

Provides Continuous High Security: the system is merged with latest face identification technique, which provides high level of security at the primitive area.  It captures major facial patterns of human face which will remain invariable with the changing time. Whenever that person visits the premise, it automatically detects the identity of that person and allows him to enter into the premise.

Highly Advanced Algorithm: the system works by analyzing natural facial parameters of a person. Thus, with its highly advanced algorithm, it is nearly impossible for a person to enter into the premise without verification.

Cost of Maintenance: it is a onetime investment for the company. It’s no human touch technology increases the life span of the system, which ultimately maintains the cost of administration. Moreover, the system is very easy to upgrade and the users can also upgrade the latest version of the software available for the system. And this helps the users to find all the requirements of advanced technology with user friendly applications.