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Verification Modes of Face Detection System

Nowadays every organization needs full security system in the world to secure their premises from any kind of threat and danger. For this, a high tech security system called face detection system is necessary to install. These systems are generally used in airport, educational institutes, railway stations, government offices and many more areas to make their premises safe from terrorist attack or any other threat. It offers high accuracy and better security than all other biometric system.

If you want to install biometric face recognition system in your premises, then you need to check its identification capabilities. It consists of 1-to-1 matching mode which is verification mode and 1-to-many face matching mode which is identification mode. Therefore choose such system that may function efficiently in both identification as well as verification mode.

In verification mode the facial features are captured and stored in the database of computer. When the face again appears in front of camera, it is matched with the stored one. If the system finds match, then identify of that person is detect.

In identification mode many facial features are stored in the visitor management system in advanced. When the face appears in front of camera, this application initiates the matching process between the real image and the stored one. If it finds the similarity between both the images, then the face detection process is completed. For example if large number of visitors visits daily to any government office. There is always a threat of terrorist attack. Thus, the database contains the identification of daily visitors, details of visitors, mafia and other anti social elements already stored in advance. If the software found the facial features which are similar to any threaten person, then it is necessary to take the strict actions by the security in charge of that premises. Furthermore it is an effective tool in terms of safety and security. It is trustworthy and any organization can completely rely on this system.


How to Enhance the Security Level with Face Detection System

Nowadays, biometric products of security are considered to be the most efficient and effective way to secure your home and business as well. Biometric is in existence since 500 BC. But, with the increase in science and technology it has become more advanced and provides 100% safety assurance. Biometric face recognition includes access control system, time attendance system, visitor management system, and many more applications. It is based on non human touch technology this means that one do not has to touch the device in terms of data entry or verification. This system relies on algorithms for identification. It is specially used in surveillance for security purposes. With the help of scientific inventions wanted criminals, suspected terrorist and missing people can be easily detected. Face detection system is used for public security in airports, hospitals, schools, and many other places where large number of people visits to the premises. It is specially used in hi-fi government offices in terms of keeping the sensitive data safe and it is also installed in corporate sectors to prevent their private data from rival companies.


It works by capturing the facial features of individual person. He or she has to first appear in front of camera which is already attached with the device. This camera captures and stored the facial features with other details of person into the database of computer. When the respected person again visits to the premises, then he or she has to again appear in front of camera for verification purpose. The system starts the matching process between the real image and stored one. If it finds match, then it grants the authentication otherwise denies. It serves the purpose of full security solution. Hence, it enhances the security level at your premises and also serves the purpose of keeping your building safe from criminals.

Fields Widely Use Biometric Face Recognition

Biometric face recognition is now a common security system for various organizations. The system works on the principles of biometric that calculate the statistics of various facial features of a person.  After calculating the statistics of different facial parameters, it provides a unique code which serves as the identity of that person. . It is widely used to protect the organizations with its different variations namely time attendance, visitor management and access control. There are many organizations that are completely dependent on the functions of face detection system. The productivity, efficiency, growth and development are mostly depending on the effectiveness and accuracy of this system. Thus, it is playing a vital role in the overall success of millions of organizations throughout the world.

Corporate organizations: for controlling unwanted access of their primitive areas, thousands of corporate organizations rely upon face detection system. It provides them full control for accessing their secret area, which ultimately results in the success of the company. The company can block the entry of any person who is considered for any theft or suspicious activity.

Large Scale Industries: large scale industries that want to track the efficiency of their employees need time attendance software which is also compatible with face recognition. With the help of face recognition, any employee cannot cheat the system by taking unnecessary leaves. This technology completely replaced the traditional pen and paper method of noting down the time and attendance of every employee. It provides accurate data to the company which reflects the utmost punctuality and efficiency of each employee working in the unit.

Government Sectors: majority of the government sectors are facing a large number of visitors on regular basis. It is vital for every government organizations to record the entry with name, time, name of concern person and many other important details. And only face detection system is the only system which captures the face at the maximum speed of 100,000 faces per second. Thus, biometric face recognition makes the task very simple for many government organizations to control large number of visitors regularly.

Distinct Stages of Face Recognition System

For successfully running an organization, it is vital for every businessman to provide safe place to its employees. In today’s modern era, you will find many anti social activities that might disturb your employees to concentrate on their tasks. Thus, being the owner of the business, it is necessary for you to install sufficient security measures that help your workers to do their job freely. Safe premises definitely increase the possibilities of productivity and development. One of the best means that are widely used for securing the premises is biometric face recognition. It is an advanced system that works with the biometric development of human face.

The system works on this principle that every face is different and so its structure is also different. Not even twins have same facial structures. The system can record the facial details of an individual and save it as templates. Then the system can identify all the templates automatically when they appear next time. It is having a very user friendly operating system that even an unskilled person can understand. The operating system of this technology can be classified in two different stages i.e. registration and verification which are described as under.

  • Registration: It is necessary for the user to register the identity of every new user in the face recognition solution. The system is containing different applications which are used to enter different identities of different persons or employees. The camera of the system allows you to capture the structure of an individual from different angles. It also captures 80 to 90 distinct nodal points of the face and provides a code which will become the identity of the face. All these information including the structure of the face, nodal points and facial templates are permanently stored in the database of the system.
  • Verification: The second stage is the verification stage. After storing the templates of a specific individual face, the system will recognize them whenever they appear before the camera of the system. The system analyzes the facial details and compares them to already stored templates in its database. If it finds the template matching with its record, then it will verify the identity of the person otherwise it denies and the user needs to register the face as described above.

Face Detection for Identity Verification Is Better than the Rest in the market

Biometrics has captured the world with a storm! Enhanced security is a promise with this technology. You may forget the conventional means of security. No need to employ human beings for identity verification. It can be done by this system. Digital world requires everything to get mechanized. Biometric face recognition is one such appliance. Adoption of this technology in day-to-day life is progressive.

It cannot be denied that there is competition to it. Biometric face recognition is not the only technology available in the market. Fingerprint examination, iris scan, voice recognition, and palm reading can also be used for authentication of an individual’s identity. Out of them all, face detection is acknowledged to be the most superior. No doubt, other technologies are good for the same purpose. However, all of them have some or the other deficiencies. Fingerprint reader can be cheated with the help of latex fingers. Besides, if the user’s fingers are wet or dirty, it may refuse to recognize the individual. Voice recognition may falsely accept or reject a transaction on account of sore throat. People may be reluctant to let their iris be scanned. It may expose certain diseases that individuals may wish to keep private.

Face detection is a comparatively reliable and acceptable means. Users may get themselves enrolled foremost. Next time onwards, they can simply look before the camera. If their face matches one of the faces stored in the database, their identity will be confirmed and access will be granted. No technology is foolproof! Biometric face recognition has its own disadvantages. Still, you can bank upon this device. It won’t let you fall even if your eyes are closed!

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Consult Professional before Selecting Biometric Face Recognition System

Everyone nowadays knows the importance of face recognition system. The most secure technology till date, that human being has ever come across. Hardly there are few individuals on earth, who do not have enough idea regarding biometric face recognition system. How easily can people trust an electronic system, isn’t it! Without even knowing that, some or the other way they are ignoring the darker side of the biometric face recognition system.

What if some day you discover that your security system is not fully secure? Or some sunny day you come to know that the technology on which you are trusting, is not at all trustworthy! Or the technology that is supporting your security has number of flaws while compared from various perspective areas! Very strange, isn’t it! In reality, placing you back on earth, the face recognition technology does have some flaws like other electronic systems. Nothing to become paranoid about the fact as, ultimately it’s a technology, right! So, a better advice is rather than trusting any other security systems than face recognition system, select a right vendor who can guide you better.

5 Troublesome Consequences:

While implementing biometric face recognition system, your premise might come across through few troublesome situations. Making you aware with all these situations while you might be at risk can forge you to take the necessary precautionary measures, which somehow can save your life. After all, it is never been late, when you are concerned for yourself.

The hidden side of face recognition system that can give rise to few problems related to security can be enlisted as:

* Face Recognition in Crowd:

Biometric system is excellent for granting authentication when a single person is concerned at a time. The data gets saved securely inside the database of the computer. But the limitation is, the system can not authenticate two or more individuals at the same time. Just imagine if a criminal and a general person both are coming in front of the face recognition system together at the same time and by chance the biometric security system captures only the facial details of the general person and not the criminal! To sort this matter out select a vendor who can customize the device as per your needs and can guide you with necessary instructions.

* You can Increase the Productivity:

The system is not so very efficient to capture the facial details of more than one individual at a time that means people need to come one by one to achieve the authentication. This situation might give rise to a long queue. If it will become a queuing process then, undoubtedly it will consume the productive time that might stress on the productivity of the organization. But if you go for a fastest matching process algorithm then you might reduce the long queue, which could be suggested by the security vendor properly.

* Slower Process but you can make it faster:

The face recognition system is based on the matching process between the older patterns and the newest captured facial patterns. Depending on the matching algorithm, the system works effectively. If cost factor and productivity both are considered then, slower process will degrade the quality of face recognition technology. Therefore to achieve maximum security with fastest matching process, technology should practice fastest matching algorithm, which might be a costliest one to deal with, but at least lesser than other security system’s maintenance cost.

* Bit Tough Maintenance but the Vendor can make it Easy:

Maintenance of the face recognition system greatly depends on the matching algorithm of the software. Depending on the capacity of the premise, the matching algorithm performs its processing. If load is more on the device then, the matching could become slower as, it has a limitation. Therefore it needs to be updated which will again be a costly deal so before implementing the latest technological device, get the suggestions from your respective vendor.

* Costliest Technological Drama:

You might think that face recognition system is based on one time implementation cost. But in reality it is not in fact! You will not get any security device with one time implementation cost because your premise’s needs vary. Any security systems need to get updated with time, for achieving efficiency. It’s nothing bad but of course another flaw you can say, which can be easily taken care by your vendor.

All these flaws are just to open your eyes before you trust any security systems blindly. Whenever you select a technology make sure to go to the right vendor who can suggest you the best and should give you all the solutions like Biometric Access Control and Visitor management systems, which could clear all the doubts that are rising in your mind when you are going to select the security system. A right security vendor can only show you the right direction to secure your life.