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Use Face Recognition Time Attendance System to Save Time

There are many biometric security systems running in the world. But the one which ruled all over the world in terms of giving excellent security solution is known as face recognition solution. This system includes many variations like access control system, visitor management system, time attendance system and many more. These applications enhance the security level to many premises such as schools, offices, government buildings, educational institutes, and other organizations. It is not only beneficial for security purposes, but also for controlling human resources.

The biometric time attendance system is very useful to track or monitor the timings of individual employee. This system is based on fully electronic-automation system. It is widely used to record several factors like presence and absence, overtime and under time, authorized and unauthorized leaves, etc. of each employee of the company. This system includes several steps which enables its tracking work. The initial step is the employees have to enroll themselves by appearing in front of the inbuilt camera of device. The camera captures the facial features of individual employee and stored in the computer database along with other details of him or her. Next time when the employee visited again, he or she has to again appear in front of the camera. It automatically detects the existing facial features stored in the database of computer which is same as that of real facial features. If the both features match with each other, then it grants the authentication, otherwise it denies.

Still many companies are using the pen-paper and log book based attendance system. Where their employees have to enter the daily presence, time in and out and leave. These will do by the HR staff members of the firm. But it may not get it done properly as there are many chances of cheat or data loss from the book. Thus using the biometric system saves your money and time as well.