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Structure of Face Recognition System

One of the most popular security systems that are widely accepted across the world is biometricface recognition system. The system is very popular owing to its latest technology, high tech devices and user friendly applications. Here, we are going to discuss all the three important components of this security system in detail.

Technology: face recognition system is developed by using latest technology that works on the principles of human face. The camera of the system captures the facial parameters of the person. Then the image of the person is converted into the 3D graphics after analyzing important nodal points like width of the nose, shape and size of jaw line and check bone, depth of eye sockets and many other 80-90 nodal points. The system then transforms these graphics into a code which will serve as the identification code of that person. The system as well as the users can identify the person by using this unique code.

Device: it uses high tech device like HD camera for capturing human face. The accuracy of this technology is widely depending on the result of the camera. If the camera fails to capture human facial parameters accurately, then the system also fails to catch the perfect identity of the person. Also, the advanced algorithm of the system is only based on the working and effectiveness of the camera. Thus, camera is playing a very important role in providing high quality results to the users.

User Friendly Applications: Along with advanced technology and high tech device, user friendly applications are also a very important part of face recognition system. Interesting and innovative applications make it very easy for the users to operate this advanced system effectively and in their own way. Also, the users can customize the entire system by using such innovative applications.