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Structure of Face Recognition System

One of the most popular security systems that are widely accepted across the world is biometricface recognition system. The system is very popular owing to its latest technology, high tech devices and user friendly applications. Here, we are going to discuss all the three important components of this security system in detail.

Technology: face recognition system is developed by using latest technology that works on the principles of human face. The camera of the system captures the facial parameters of the person. Then the image of the person is converted into the 3D graphics after analyzing important nodal points like width of the nose, shape and size of jaw line and check bone, depth of eye sockets and many other 80-90 nodal points. The system then transforms these graphics into a code which will serve as the identification code of that person. The system as well as the users can identify the person by using this unique code.

Device: it uses high tech device like HD camera for capturing human face. The accuracy of this technology is widely depending on the result of the camera. If the camera fails to capture human facial parameters accurately, then the system also fails to catch the perfect identity of the person. Also, the advanced algorithm of the system is only based on the working and effectiveness of the camera. Thus, camera is playing a very important role in providing high quality results to the users.

User Friendly Applications: Along with advanced technology and high tech device, user friendly applications are also a very important part of face recognition system. Interesting and innovative applications make it very easy for the users to operate this advanced system effectively and in their own way. Also, the users can customize the entire system by using such innovative applications.


Points to be Consider before Installing Face Recognition Time Attendance System

Here in this new era, it is the world of advancement and transformation. Almost everything has been changed or transformed to the advanced level and still the level is increasing day by day. So, there is a vast change in the field of security and safety guard of your premises. It become transform from traditional or manual to fully automatic or electronic computer based system. In this field biometrics is very famous and has been implemented from various organizations in the town. This system has ruled all over the world and gains the top most position in the security field. It has many applications such as finger print scanner, card reader, and face recognition, etc. Except face recognition system all have some disadvantages like card reader have cons of buddy punching.

Face recognition also includes three main applications like visitor management system, access control system and time attendance system. Nowadays, face recognition time attendance system is in trend. Companies who are facing the problem of log book storage, proxy attendance, data lose from log books, etc. are need to install this system as it provides ultimate security and safety at your premises. This system scans and stores the data in its small system without any requirement of external hardware or software. It scans 8, 00, 000 face per second, so employee should focus more on their work without waiting their time behind scanning and verification. It is based on fully automatic and electronic system, so there are no chances of proxy attendance, data lost from the system and also it becomes difficult to cheat with this system. Thus, it solves each and every problem of your company by providing the safety and security to the top most level. Thus, these are some points you need to be considered before installing the face recognition system.

Searching For Best Security Solution? Switch to Biometric Face Recognition System

Day by day with rapid advancement of technology, the security level becomes more and more complex. Nowadays in spite of having security systems, you are still facing threats as well as internal and external problems. As per such circumstances people are still worried about safety of their home and business. Biometric face recognition system is an ultimate source of security solution which provides better safety, high accuracy and efficiency. It is an advanced application and high end security solutions that can assist you in securing your assets. Numerous organizations have been developed in this world and they have different equipment to make sure of their safety. Still many companies are using manual system and this kind of traditional system has number of disadvantages like not enough storage, accuracy, most time consuming and does not provide the total safety. Many organizations are using biometric system such as finger print readers, show card device, face acknowledgement system and many more. Apart from biometric face recognition system, all other applications have many problems and disadvantages.

Face recognition system is the key solution to this problem and gives an entire security solution compare to all other biometric systems. Face recognition is a computer based technology which determines the locations and also size of human being faces in digital images. Utilize your own face as being a unique identifier to recognize and control which gives the most accurate and trouble free safety solution. It is considered to be the revolutionary invention in the field of technical safety which eliminates the need for a username and password, buddy punching and many other things. This application is widely used in high profile government offices and corporate buildings to keep the access of sensitive data safe, it is used in public places where huge crowd gathered like airport, railway stations, etc. in terms of keeping the area safe from crime or terrorist, it is also used in schools and educational sectors to keep a track of time and attendance. Therefore, it helps in securing your building as well as sensitive entrance and better solutions for end users.

Role of Biometric Visitor Management in Your Organization.

We are living in 21st century and in our country people are using password and fingerprint security system as safety solutions for their building premises. But beyond these old techniques many new technologies have been introduced as far as safety and security of the premises is concern. The face recognition system is one of the latest ways to secure your building. This can work in any area that avoids sunlight. This will work in such a way that visitor has to look into the camera which will create a facial pattern. The facial parameters of every individual visitor should be fitted into this system. The new pattern of visitor will crosscheck the existing pattern, only after then it will permit the entry of that visitor.Image


In this system the software will detect and verify the face of every visitor. This is no human touch technology system. There are many face recognitions security solutions are available in the market. One of them is biometric visitor management system for managing a large of visitors in the premises. In this system you can manage multiple visitors to enter inside the building. You can set pre appointments of visitors with date, day and time. You can also insert the material carried by the visitor as security check is must in terms of safety. You can generate visitors pass for individual or multiple visitors as their identity proof.

One of the important features is that this system will confirm the appointments of visitors by popup in the host desktop screen. It will also remind the pending works, rejection and confirmation of appointments via notifications. You can set the maximum time alert of particular visitor. At that time, alert message will be sent through SMS or email to the security in charge. Head count is another important feature of this system. The admin department of your company can keep watch on visitors of all departments. Therefore such types of security solutions are simple and safe for your premises.

Forget the Conventional Lock and Key and Shift to Biometric Access Control

Are you among the people who lock your door with a hard metal lock and carry the key with you? You constantly worry whether it is still with you or not! If a legitimate element wants to enter the premise, they will have to wait until you return. Hassles involved in this traditional door lock system are immense. Let me give you a better idea. Try a biometric access control powered by face recognition software! It is a doubly shielding, doubly secure, and much more advanced application. Its use is sure to make you forget the conventional lock and key.

If you were under the impression that this apparatus is a thing of science fiction movies, you are wrong! Its use is not even limited to high profile Government offices. You may easily come across a biometric access control in commercial complexes, schools, hospitals, etc. Today, anybody can install it and restrict the entrance of unwanted individuals to a premise. Simply enroll the faces of individuals that you wish should be able to access your premise. Next time onwards, they may only show their faces and the door will automatically open for them. No need to guard the key or keep people waiting till you return.

Most promising manner to secure your premises is the use of face recognition software. It is difficult to hack a device using this technology. No two people have exactly the same faces. Not even identical twins! Do not waste anymore time thinking whether this apparatus is useful to you or not. If you have a premise and if its safety bothers you, you are in need of a biometric access control. Even if it costs you high initially, it’s worth your money. It is quite an investment!

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Know More about Face Recognition System & Feel Comfortable!

Today biometric systems are being used at a wider extent. While talking regarding biometrics, it is not only considering about the fingerprint reader but also the face recognition systems. At present, face recognition system is gaining the popularity at a very fast pace. Especially in the fields where security is the major concern, people are giving more preference to use biometric face recognition system. Areas like government and security services, or corporate are accepting face recognition solution as the major security provider in the premises. Places where privacy breaching was the main concern because of the involvement of CCTV cameras, face recognition system is replenishing the need of security for those areas even, without tampering the privacy of the individuals.

Face Recognition System for Government/Defense Services:

Considering defense services, they deal with highly confidential data. People even working under the same sector do not trust on each other. If they will need the security then, do you think hiring a third party would be a good option? If not, then what is the solution? Defense is the safeguard of the country, where the leakage of a simple issue or the eavesdropping of the intruder can result into the vital loss for the nation.

To get rid of this situation, they are widely accepting the face recognition system. This is only because an electronic system can only be the best trustworthy device that can provide utmost security. Defense areas therefore accepting biometric visitor management system and access control system in order to manage the security and resources of the premise.

Face Recognition to Retain Privacy:

Areas like schools and colleges where the continuous surveillance was going on through the use of CCTV cameras, which was causing unnecessary breaching of privacy. People were under the surveillance for almost 24 hours. This is something unethical but just because to keep track of the students individually it was necessary. Whether students are coming to the premise or not whether they are in the class or not everything used to be recorded with the help of CCTV cameras.

Face recognition system when came into the picture, replaced all the existing security systems. Most importantly, it does not breach the privacy of the individuals because the device is not used for the continuous surveillance of the premise rather it is used to grant the authentication. The biometric time attendance system can easily keep the track of students visiting the premise, without hampering the privacy.

Biometric Face Recognition in Corporate:

The security system to suit with the corporate culture was some how a bit complicated but not now as long as face recognition solution is there into the market. The variations of the face recognition system help to meet the organizational needs effectively.

The visitor management system and the access control system efficiently meet the premise’s requirements and the time attendance system helps in meeting the HRMS demand. Thus, face recognition system is proving to be much more useful in almost every premise’s irrespective of the variety of requirements.

These are some simple situations, where biometric face recognition system is being used currently. Your premise now can achieve 100% security with the help of the face recognition system. So, what are you waiting for!

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Face Recognition – An Identification Technique

Biometrics parameters like face, eye cornea, fingerprints or many other parts of human body are used for identification purpose in many security systems or agencies. These biometrics parameters for each and every person have own unique properties. Among which, a face is a unique and most visible part of human body, which works as a first distinguishing factor for all human being because many  study evaluated that human face having  specific differentiable points or features. On the bases of this unique property of the face, science develops a security system or a guarding system, in which the face recognized as a password to open or decode those security systems. This system called as Face identification technique.

Face recognition technique involves a scanning of the face, analyzing and try to find out matching face through biometric parameters which are already loaded in the security systems. In this technique the facial features which are going to be recognized are might be depthless of eye sockets, width of the nose, distances between the eyes, shape of the face and cheekbones, jaw lines and other features.  Some software specifically designed for the face recognition and is used as face diagnostic and identifying application. The face identification parameters depend on the software and particular need of the face recognition system.

There a plenty of uses for each and every identification techniques and among them, the finger print recognition is the oldest one. But now days a face identification technique and eye cornea recognition are better techniques compared to the previous one. The face recognition technique uses a password system in many laptops or computerized systems. Also it’s a good technique for particular person detection from the crowd at public places like, airports, Railway stations, malls, prisons, schools, parties, etc.

Face identification technology was sought to identifying suspected persons in airports, bus and train stations using cameras. Face recognition system are now becoming more and more popular security systems among many field.

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