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Biometric Visitor Management-The Core Product for your Security System

There are many applications available in the market to control the number of visitors visit to the premises. But they all have some disadvantages and some draw backs. The invention of biometric applications has transformed the security system to modern technology system. This system consists of many applications like face recognition, finger print reader and card punching, etc. but they have some disadvantages except face recognition system. This is the only biometric application which does not contain any disadvantage. Facial recognition system consists of many different applications and one of the applications is visitor management system. This application provides the facility of tracking the number of visitors visit to the premises.

Biometric visitor management system is based on face recognition system. It works by capturing the facial parameters of individual visitor visits to the premises. The facial parameters include distance between eyes, distance between eyes and nose, sockets of nose, shape of face, jaw lines, etc. These facial parameters are captured via hi-tech digital camera. Along with other details these information are stored into the database of computer for further need. When the particular visitor re-visits to the premises, then he has to appear in front of camera for identity verification. This software starts the matching algorithm between the newly captured and stored one. If the software finds match, then it grants the authentication to enter inside the building, otherwise it signals denial.

This is considered to be the smartest and intelligent technology in the field of security and safety as it consists of numerous features. One of the features is that you can set unwanted person as blacklisted visitor. You can also set the high and low priority on particular visitor. If you set low priority, then information about the arrival of that particular visitor sends to the security in-charge, admin department, host, etc. via message or E-mails. So that unwanted visitor cannot enter into the premises. If you have set high priority, then an alarm sounds on the arrival of that particular visitor. In this case, everyone knows about the arrival of threat or criminal. Thus, strict actions take place. In this way, it includes many great features to ensure the better security and safety of your premises. This application also reminds about the interviews or appointments of candidates. It also tracks the information about the visitors that how much time they stay inside the building, they are still inside, there incoming and outgoing timings, etc. Thus, by adopting the latest and advanced technology you can feel peace and relaxation.


Major Advantages of Face Recognition Access Control System

Facial recognition system is the booming word in today’s IT security solution industry. It is designed to cope up with different sorts of IT security problems like unwanted access, theft, hacking and many other anti social activities. The system is based on advanced technology that inspects all the facial parameters of a person including eyes, nose, jaw line, check bone etc. Day by day, the usage of this technology is increasing only because of its advanced algorithms of detecting identity of every person. This technology is also compatible with other security systems like access control, time attendance and visitor management.

Prevents Unwanted Access: face recognition access control system is developed only to prevent unwanted access of a primitive area of an organization. With the increasing anti social activities, it is essential for every organization to secure their premise from theft, spoofing and hacking. And this can be done by using the most accurate and highly reliable security solution called face recognition.

Provides Continuous High Security: the system is merged with latest face identification technique, which provides high level of security at the primitive area.  It captures major facial patterns of human face which will remain invariable with the changing time. Whenever that person visits the premise, it automatically detects the identity of that person and allows him to enter into the premise.

Highly Advanced Algorithm: the system works by analyzing natural facial parameters of a person. Thus, with its highly advanced algorithm, it is nearly impossible for a person to enter into the premise without verification.

Cost of Maintenance: it is a onetime investment for the company. It’s no human touch technology increases the life span of the system, which ultimately maintains the cost of administration. Moreover, the system is very easy to upgrade and the users can also upgrade the latest version of the software available for the system. And this helps the users to find all the requirements of advanced technology with user friendly applications.

How to Find a Reliable Security Service Provider Online

Today internet is becoming the best platform for many service providers to meet large numbers of customers. The increasing popularity of internet makes it vital for every company to have strong online presence. Also, consumer and clients find it the best way to search for their desired needs. Right from ordinary pen to high tech security solutions, you will find everything online. If you want to install face recognition door lock system for your office premises, then also you need to browse different security service provider online.

But with the increasing number of service providers, you might be confused who is the best service provider for your requirements. All you need is to have a PC, internet connection and quite knowledge of accessing internet. You can browse some major search engines for finding your requirement about highly secured biometric system. In this article, we are providing some important key factors that will help you to meet the right service provider by using internet.

  • After browsing one of the major search engines like Google, you need to type your desired keywords i.e. facial recognition system in the search bar. All you get is a long list of security service providers who are providing effective products and services to their clients.
  • But for finding the right security provider, you need to check testimonials and reviews of potential customers about the company. This helps you to judge the credibility of the company. A reliable and trustworthy company will always have positive reviews of its clients.
  • You can also find a company that is offering effective products at cost cutting rates. For this you can check attractive offers and discounts offered by numerous websites.
  • You can even contact the security solution provider with its contact or customers support application on the website.
  • After contacting the company, a representative of the company or the professional will visit your place in order to discuss your requirements in detail.

Thus, with these few easy guidelines, you can meet a liable security solution provider that helps you to install a highly effective product called facial recognition system.