Significance of visitor management system

In past, many organizations use manual systems for keeping records of their visitors, employees and clients. But this type of manual systems are having many drawbacks including lack of accuracy, hard working, time consuming and most important it lacks security. Also with the invention of latest technology, different sorts of security solutions are available in the market. Today, the market is flooded with varieties of biometric security solutions like palm print, finger print, iris recognition, voice recognition, and many others. But one of the most popular security solutions that are getting increasing trend nowadays is visitor management system.

Different biometric security solutions are having different disadvantages and limitations. But biometric face recognition is the only security solution that is more reliable and secured when compared to other biometric security solutions. In this article we are describing some of the major advantages that are you will receive after installing high quality face verification system in your premises. One of the advantages is that this system is based on computer application which records the locations and sizes of human faces in 3D templates. It uses face templates as a unique verification identifier for verifying a person’s identity. Thus, it provides most accurate and error free security for an organization.

It is very easy to use. Any person without any technical knowledge can use this system for tracking and managing all the activities of clients, employees and visitors. It can be combined with other technologies like time attendance, visitor management and access control to provide wide range of features and high level of security as per the requirements of a company. Right from small scale corporate organizations to highly secured government sectors; this system is widely used to solve different security issues of different fields. Companies that are facing problems to manage a large number of visitors must require this system by combining it with visitor management system.

This system can easily manage the entry of new visitors and can easily auto detect the entry and exit of repeat visitors. It allows the users to adjust appoints on their convenient time. Whenever the appointed visitor arrives, the system sends an alert to the host via SMS or email. It also allows the host to confirm or decline the appointment on its adjusted schedule. It is considered as the best security solution when compared to other biometric security solutions like finger prints, voice recognition etc. Research shows that it is the most accurate security solutions, as it analyzes different facial features that are impossible to hack. It provides high level of security when compared to manual register systems for managing different number of visitors.


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