Biometric Visitor Management-The Core Product for your Security System

There are many applications available in the market to control the number of visitors visit to the premises. But they all have some disadvantages and some draw backs. The invention of biometric applications has transformed the security system to modern technology system. This system consists of many applications like face recognition, finger print reader and card punching, etc. but they have some disadvantages except face recognition system. This is the only biometric application which does not contain any disadvantage. Facial recognition system consists of many different applications and one of the applications is visitor management system. This application provides the facility of tracking the number of visitors visit to the premises.

Biometric visitor management system is based on face recognition system. It works by capturing the facial parameters of individual visitor visits to the premises. The facial parameters include distance between eyes, distance between eyes and nose, sockets of nose, shape of face, jaw lines, etc. These facial parameters are captured via hi-tech digital camera. Along with other details these information are stored into the database of computer for further need. When the particular visitor re-visits to the premises, then he has to appear in front of camera for identity verification. This software starts the matching algorithm between the newly captured and stored one. If the software finds match, then it grants the authentication to enter inside the building, otherwise it signals denial.

This is considered to be the smartest and intelligent technology in the field of security and safety as it consists of numerous features. One of the features is that you can set unwanted person as blacklisted visitor. You can also set the high and low priority on particular visitor. If you set low priority, then information about the arrival of that particular visitor sends to the security in-charge, admin department, host, etc. via message or E-mails. So that unwanted visitor cannot enter into the premises. If you have set high priority, then an alarm sounds on the arrival of that particular visitor. In this case, everyone knows about the arrival of threat or criminal. Thus, strict actions take place. In this way, it includes many great features to ensure the better security and safety of your premises. This application also reminds about the interviews or appointments of candidates. It also tracks the information about the visitors that how much time they stay inside the building, they are still inside, there incoming and outgoing timings, etc. Thus, by adopting the latest and advanced technology you can feel peace and relaxation.


Use Face Recognition Time Attendance System to Save Time

There are many biometric security systems running in the world. But the one which ruled all over the world in terms of giving excellent security solution is known as face recognition solution. This system includes many variations like access control system, visitor management system, time attendance system and many more. These applications enhance the security level to many premises such as schools, offices, government buildings, educational institutes, and other organizations. It is not only beneficial for security purposes, but also for controlling human resources.

The biometric time attendance system is very useful to track or monitor the timings of individual employee. This system is based on fully electronic-automation system. It is widely used to record several factors like presence and absence, overtime and under time, authorized and unauthorized leaves, etc. of each employee of the company. This system includes several steps which enables its tracking work. The initial step is the employees have to enroll themselves by appearing in front of the inbuilt camera of device. The camera captures the facial features of individual employee and stored in the computer database along with other details of him or her. Next time when the employee visited again, he or she has to again appear in front of the camera. It automatically detects the existing facial features stored in the database of computer which is same as that of real facial features. If the both features match with each other, then it grants the authentication, otherwise it denies.

Still many companies are using the pen-paper and log book based attendance system. Where their employees have to enter the daily presence, time in and out and leave. These will do by the HR staff members of the firm. But it may not get it done properly as there are many chances of cheat or data loss from the book. Thus using the biometric system saves your money and time as well.

Significance of visitor management system

In past, many organizations use manual systems for keeping records of their visitors, employees and clients. But this type of manual systems are having many drawbacks including lack of accuracy, hard working, time consuming and most important it lacks security. Also with the invention of latest technology, different sorts of security solutions are available in the market. Today, the market is flooded with varieties of biometric security solutions like palm print, finger print, iris recognition, voice recognition, and many others. But one of the most popular security solutions that are getting increasing trend nowadays is visitor management system.

Different biometric security solutions are having different disadvantages and limitations. But biometric face recognition is the only security solution that is more reliable and secured when compared to other biometric security solutions. In this article we are describing some of the major advantages that are you will receive after installing high quality face verification system in your premises. One of the advantages is that this system is based on computer application which records the locations and sizes of human faces in 3D templates. It uses face templates as a unique verification identifier for verifying a person’s identity. Thus, it provides most accurate and error free security for an organization.

It is very easy to use. Any person without any technical knowledge can use this system for tracking and managing all the activities of clients, employees and visitors. It can be combined with other technologies like time attendance, visitor management and access control to provide wide range of features and high level of security as per the requirements of a company. Right from small scale corporate organizations to highly secured government sectors; this system is widely used to solve different security issues of different fields. Companies that are facing problems to manage a large number of visitors must require this system by combining it with visitor management system.

This system can easily manage the entry of new visitors and can easily auto detect the entry and exit of repeat visitors. It allows the users to adjust appoints on their convenient time. Whenever the appointed visitor arrives, the system sends an alert to the host via SMS or email. It also allows the host to confirm or decline the appointment on its adjusted schedule. It is considered as the best security solution when compared to other biometric security solutions like finger prints, voice recognition etc. Research shows that it is the most accurate security solutions, as it analyzes different facial features that are impossible to hack. It provides high level of security when compared to manual register systems for managing different number of visitors.

Verification Modes of Face Detection System

Nowadays every organization needs full security system in the world to secure their premises from any kind of threat and danger. For this, a high tech security system called face detection system is necessary to install. These systems are generally used in airport, educational institutes, railway stations, government offices and many more areas to make their premises safe from terrorist attack or any other threat. It offers high accuracy and better security than all other biometric system.

If you want to install biometric face recognition system in your premises, then you need to check its identification capabilities. It consists of 1-to-1 matching mode which is verification mode and 1-to-many face matching mode which is identification mode. Therefore choose such system that may function efficiently in both identification as well as verification mode.

In verification mode the facial features are captured and stored in the database of computer. When the face again appears in front of camera, it is matched with the stored one. If the system finds match, then identify of that person is detect.

In identification mode many facial features are stored in the visitor management system in advanced. When the face appears in front of camera, this application initiates the matching process between the real image and the stored one. If it finds the similarity between both the images, then the face detection process is completed. For example if large number of visitors visits daily to any government office. There is always a threat of terrorist attack. Thus, the database contains the identification of daily visitors, details of visitors, mafia and other anti social elements already stored in advance. If the software found the facial features which are similar to any threaten person, then it is necessary to take the strict actions by the security in charge of that premises. Furthermore it is an effective tool in terms of safety and security. It is trustworthy and any organization can completely rely on this system.

Structure of Face Recognition System

One of the most popular security systems that are widely accepted across the world is biometricface recognition system. The system is very popular owing to its latest technology, high tech devices and user friendly applications. Here, we are going to discuss all the three important components of this security system in detail.

Technology: face recognition system is developed by using latest technology that works on the principles of human face. The camera of the system captures the facial parameters of the person. Then the image of the person is converted into the 3D graphics after analyzing important nodal points like width of the nose, shape and size of jaw line and check bone, depth of eye sockets and many other 80-90 nodal points. The system then transforms these graphics into a code which will serve as the identification code of that person. The system as well as the users can identify the person by using this unique code.

Device: it uses high tech device like HD camera for capturing human face. The accuracy of this technology is widely depending on the result of the camera. If the camera fails to capture human facial parameters accurately, then the system also fails to catch the perfect identity of the person. Also, the advanced algorithm of the system is only based on the working and effectiveness of the camera. Thus, camera is playing a very important role in providing high quality results to the users.

User Friendly Applications: Along with advanced technology and high tech device, user friendly applications are also a very important part of face recognition system. Interesting and innovative applications make it very easy for the users to operate this advanced system effectively and in their own way. Also, the users can customize the entire system by using such innovative applications.

Points to be Consider before Installing Face Recognition Time Attendance System

Here in this new era, it is the world of advancement and transformation. Almost everything has been changed or transformed to the advanced level and still the level is increasing day by day. So, there is a vast change in the field of security and safety guard of your premises. It become transform from traditional or manual to fully automatic or electronic computer based system. In this field biometrics is very famous and has been implemented from various organizations in the town. This system has ruled all over the world and gains the top most position in the security field. It has many applications such as finger print scanner, card reader, and face recognition, etc. Except face recognition system all have some disadvantages like card reader have cons of buddy punching.

Face recognition also includes three main applications like visitor management system, access control system and time attendance system. Nowadays, face recognition time attendance system is in trend. Companies who are facing the problem of log book storage, proxy attendance, data lose from log books, etc. are need to install this system as it provides ultimate security and safety at your premises. This system scans and stores the data in its small system without any requirement of external hardware or software. It scans 8, 00, 000 face per second, so employee should focus more on their work without waiting their time behind scanning and verification. It is based on fully automatic and electronic system, so there are no chances of proxy attendance, data lost from the system and also it becomes difficult to cheat with this system. Thus, it solves each and every problem of your company by providing the safety and security to the top most level. Thus, these are some points you need to be considered before installing the face recognition system.

Biometric Visitor Management System- Simple and Safe for your Premises

Almost all organizations in this world believe in tracking the entry and exit of their visitors. They want their premises safe from threats, crime and danger. Thus, many organizations have adopted the biometric visitor management system in order to keep the track of visitors visit to the premises. It is one of the best security solutions to restrict the unauthorized visitors entering in the premises. This is not enough for those companies who have many competitors. It might be happen that your rival company sends a spy to keep an eye on your sensitive data and collect information regarding to the secrets of your product or your important papers.Biometrics face recognition system is based on no human touch technology.

In this system the software will detect and verify the face of every visitor. You can set interviews or appointments of particular visitor with date, day and time. You can also insert the material carried by the visitor as security check is must in terms of safety. One of the important features is that this system will confirm the appointments of visitors which will pop up in the desktop screen of the host, HR department or admin department of the organization. It will also remind the pending works, rejection and confirmation of appointments through notifications to the host. You can set the maximum time alert of particular visitor. At that time, alert message will be sent through SMS or email to the security in charge. It has another excellent feature of including the name of unwanted person as blacklisted visitor. In this feature, you can also set the lowest and highest priority on their names. This means that on low priority, message or email send to the security in-charge or host on the arrival of that visitor. While on high priority, an alarm sounds. So that strict actions take place. Therefore such types of security solutions are simple and safe for your premises.